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Pax Healthcare is acknowledged world wide at pharma horizon, providing a broad range of pharmaceutical formulation to cope with the necessity of ailing humanity. With its headquarter at Chandigarh (India), Pax healthcare  Pharma holds expertise in offering different formulations that include injectable, tablets and latest drug delivery systems.

 Our Mission:

 Pax Healthcare has an intent to enhance the quality of human life by enabling the patients to lead healthier lives. To achieve this, the organization follows two objectives:

    * Research, manufacture and supply innovative medicines which can satisfy medical requirements.

    * Providing powerful and cost effective pharmaceutical formulation to patients all across the globe.

 Our Vision:

 The firm's vision is to attain an important role in proprietary prescription assortments, in the markets of developing as well as developed countries. To accomplish this, the organization has adopted a multi-faceted strategy which consists business association, potential marketing, and new markets penetration.

 Our Products Portfolio:

 Pax Healthcare produces an absolute range of pharmaceutical formulation and health care assortments and our products consist of tablets ,capsules, syrups,topicals,Nasal drops and Ophthalmics. Our product range comprises both generic pharmaceuticals as well as active pharmaceuticals. All of these health care assortments are developed as per WHO norms.

 Business strategy:

 Rather than try to slay the much larger pharmaceutical companies, Pax Healthcare chartered the tried and proven path of    working around or with the industry giants as opposed to competing head on. Much of Pax Healthcare's success stems from exploiting the crucial operation differences between small and large pharmaceutical companies. In the process, Pax Healthcare has developed one of the most professional and highly motivated sales organizations in the pharmaceutical industry. The principal product development strategy of Pax healthcare is to reformulate existing pharmaceutical products for the purpose of improving safety, efficacy and patient compliance. This strategy enables the Company to realize an advantage of reducing regulatory risks. In licensing products from other companies is an avenue being pursued in order to further optimize the well established capabilities of the sales organization.

 Research & Development:

 Pax Healthcare R&D efficiency plays a vital role for its complete business operations, as it offers a sustainable, long-term and competitive benefit to the organization. There are strong R&D facilities, that are contemplated and designed for both drug discovery and development. In addition to it, there are number of scientists, who are engaged in several path-breaking researches.

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